5 reasons why you should consider opting for a microcement pool


With the summer heat a pool is a blessing, an authentic oasis within the city. It provides refreshment and helps enjoying a much more pleasant summer. A pool surrounded by a wonderful garden with palm trees and sand or another simpler and austere made of noble and natural materials. Tiles are already outdated, now the trend, whether it is a private pool or a public establishment, is microcement.

Discover five reasons why microcement is ideal for your swimming pool.


1. Infinite colors and finishes options

The microcement can be combined with infinite pigments so you can choose the color that best suits you. And although there is a color chart, each pool has a unique texture finish that also influences the perception of color. The microcement can be: smooth, glossy, satin, matt, more or less uniform, etc. This range of options allows you to create a 100% customized and very personal pool.

The microcement is such a versatile material that it can cover any shape creating swimming pools with the most fantastic shapes – with rounded or straight curbs, with beaches, benches, steps etc.

microcement pool

Catania Sports Center – a sports center with indoor microcement pool on the slopes of Etna. [source]


2. Beautiful visual effect without joints

Another advantage of microcement as a coating is its uniformity. With microcement we can create large surfaces without any division obtaining a visual effect without comparison. Being a material that can be applied without dilatation joints, microcement also saves us the problem of renewal of those that normally should be done every four or five years. With microcement we can create large surfaces without any type of division.

microcement pool

A luxurious private residence in the Portuguese village of Grândola with a sumptuous microcement pool. [source]


3. Resistance

Microcement system – a polymer finished with premium quality sealer provides watertightness, high resistance to water with chlorine, abrasion and UV rays. Despite its low thickness of just a few millimeters, the microcement has a high resistance to cracking and adverse weather conditions.

microcement pool A swimming pool in microcemento in a summer house in Serifos, Greece. [source]


4. Quick and simple renovation

Microcement can be used in new or existing pools, allowing a renovation in a reduced time. Its great advantage is that it can be applied on top of all the supports (cement, tiles, etc.) without removing the old support, and without affecting the waterproofing.


microcement pool

A small pool in the garden. [source]


5. Safety

To avoid sliding and increase the adhesion of surfaces finished in microcement we can add a more rough texture with a total or partial anti-slip finish, as required.