Concrete in the kitchen – 16 original kitchens with concrete. Inspirations


Concrete has become synonymous with strength, versatility and modernity. In the article below, however, we will limit the words and focus on projects and inspirations that will help match architectural concrete to dream and modern kitchens.

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Concrete in the kitchen and dining room: concrete floor in the kitchen

A floor made of polished concrete or microcement is an attractive alternative to tiles in the kitchen. The unquestionable advantage of the latter is a smooth finish without joints and expansion joints that help creating seamless surfaces.

The German Querkopf Architekten studio offers a spacious dining room full of light. The uniform pane of the floor made of microcement corresponds to the uncovered, raw concrete ceiling, on which the formwork is visible.


posadzka kuchnia beton

Minimalist kitchen with a floor covered with light microcement. Table top and island also in microcement – only one shade darker. The austerity of forms and colors has been broken by stools made of regenerated wood. Design: AR’CHIC


Even with concrete, a properly designed interior can be warm and cozy, all thanks to the right accessories. Concrete is especially liked with wood, but you can warm up it by adding some textiles (various textures, geometric patterns, natural materials), tiles with ethno pattern or glass old-fashioned lamps. Design: Ken Linsteadt Architects


drewno beton

Wood and concrete – a perfect combination


Dining room and kitchen with concrete wall

jadalnia beton

Architects often place walls covered with concrete slabs on visualizations of their projects. There are several ways to achieve this effect: you can buy ready-made slabs, you can cast them from architectural concrete or create the effect of concrete slabs using microcement. Visualization: Dmitriy Voytsitskiy


kuchnia beton

The wall between the cabinets covered with microcement is an ideal solution for people who do not like joints. See more photos from this project with Fesftwal microcement.


A cozy kitchen in an apartment in New York designed by architect Denise Lee. 


Concrete worktops and islands

The kitchen is the center of culinary creativity. In most houses and flats, laminated countertops have long since become a thing of the past. Architectural concrete countertops are currently much in demand. Architectural concrete is obtained in a variety of ways: It can be made from ready-made concrete mixes. Or you can get a similar effect using microcement. Each solution is different, so adapt it to your own kitchen and your own conditions.


The combination of concrete gray (concrete island with GRC cast countertops) with colorful additions and a riot of colors on the wall reveals that the design was created in some exotic place, maybe near the paradise beach. And it really is – the house is on the shores of the Pacific ocean in El Salvador. Design: Cinco Patas Al Gatos.


beton w kuchni

The extremely original, geometric block of the concrete island is combined with white brick, concrete worktop and epoxy resin floor in a contrasting color. Design: NU Architectuuratelier


A concrete kitchen island in a modern interior

The kitchen island acts as an additional worktop, at the same time allowing the person preparing the meal to stay in constant contact with the household or guests sitting in the living room. Thanks to the island, we gain additional space to store and install many equipment. Having this luxury, we can put a wine cooler, illuminated alcohol cabinet, shelves for cookbooks in it. The island in the kitchen is a fashionable and practical solution that works well in spacious interiors.


A beautiful kitchen island, refined in every detail, designed by an Austrian studio Steininger Designers.


The combination of traditional dark wood cabinets with gray concrete and white kitchen furniture looks very elegant. Project: Urbane Projects Pty Ltd

The concrete island of this design is quite long and massive, but in such a large industrial-style interior, this is not a problem, and even desirable. A polished concrete floor corresponds with the island. Design:  Matt Gibson


Designers from the London BeauConcrete  challenged gravity and created an extremely original, curved kitchen island cast from decorative concrete. Read how it was made.


Concrete kitchen furniture

Thanks to the very high adhesion to the substrate, Festfloor microcement can be used as a cladding for kitchen cabinets.

betonowe fronty szafek

Thanks to microcement, you can conjure up completely new cabinet fronts and change the character of the kitchen. This requires preparation and high precision of execution, but it is worth putting this effort, because the effect is spectacular. The photo shows a project made with Festwall microcement.


beton w kuchni. Betonowe fronty szafek

Thanks to the protective layer of high quality polyurethane varnish, the cabinets are protected against moisture and dirt.


Kitchen furniture made of regenerated wood and microcement directly from Spain (Edwin Ruijter).


Share your concrete projects with us! Do you have an interesting idea for concrete in the kitchen? Let us know and we will advise you on how to implement it.


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