Festfloor® microcement test kit

Unboxing: Festfloor® microcement test kit. In today's video Borys presents what the test kit has inside. Check this out.

Microcement stairs Q&A with Tomek Grabarczyk [ video ]

In today's Q&A session, Tomek Grabarczyk answers the most frequently asked questions about microcement on stairs.

PU FEST Turbo matte varnish for microcement [ video ]

PU FEST Turbo varnish in matte optics is now available! On this occasion, we have prepared for you a video presenting this new product.

Modern classic style and microcement. Color July Go Beige FF2002JB [ photos ]

The Modern Classic style is a combination of modernity and tradition. See photos of a house decorated in this style with a microcement floor.

Microcement trainings in 2022 [ video ]

Another year full of training is behind us! See how our trainings in 2022 looked like. Basic microcement course & microcement stairs.

How to work in team and apply microcement on a large surface? [ video ]

Read about the challenges contractors face when applying microcement on large surfaces and how to deal with them. Watch our today's video.

What is a microcement? Where can it be used? What is the application like? [video]

In today's video, Borys explains what microcement is, where it can be used, and what properties and applications it has.

Beat the heat: microcement application in summer – how to do it right? [video]

The application of microcement on hot days is a challenge. How to make a microcement in summer? Try the microcement retarder and work without stress!

How to apply the ready-to-use FestfloorGo! microcement [video tutorial]

With FestfloorGo! The application of microcement has never been so easy. In today's video, we show you step by step how to apply it.

Pink microcement floor at MOD Donuts – the final effect. Color: FL07 Bubblegum [video]

Microcement is a great choice for the renovation of service premises. It allows for a quick metamorphosis without removing tiles. Watch the video from MOD Donuts Cafe in Warsaw.

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