Microcement DIY with Festfloor Go! Color: FF7035 [photos]

Is it a good idea to make the microcement yourself? Check out the latest microcement DIY project by one of our clients and decide yourself ;)

Microcement training course

October 19, 2020

Microcement training + practical workshops. Microcement from A to Z. Learn how to become a good contractor and make money on microcement. Hear what others say about our training and sign up now!

Pink microcement at the MOD Donuts cafe in Warsaw. Color: FL07 Bubblegum [video]

The microcement does not have to be gray! 🤯 The product is available in almost all colors of the rainbow 🌈. Watch our video to see how awesome it can look.

Microcement on cement boards – step by step

Today we show how to raise the floor for microcement without the use of self-leveling screeds. Microcement on cement boards step by step.

Microcement in the shower and on the walk-in shower base

September 17, 2020

Is the microcement suitable for use in the shower? Is microcement waterproof? Can it be used in the bathroom? How to prepare the substrate? Today we provide answers to these questions!

How to make an expansion joint in a microcement floor? [video tutorial]

Restoring the existing expansion joints is one of the last stages of microcement works. In this video we will show you how to cope with this uneasy task step by step.

How to design a functional kitchen?

July 19, 2020

Building a home is overwhelming and one of the trickiest parts is designing your kitchen layout! How to arrange a kitchen so that it is not only visually beautiful but also functional? Today, we're sharing some tips for designing a functional kitchen.

The microcement checklist. 5 things you need to do before starting microcement application

We all know how stressful a renovation project can be. Renovations are source of stress, thanks to the disruption to your normal routine and  deadlines. Usually, you do not have much time and you want to carry out the work quickly and efficiently - how to prepare yourself for...

Microcement, a solution for outdoor surfaces. Microcement outdoors photos. Color: GR2

Microcement is an excellent sollution for terraces and balconies floors as well as for building elevations. Check these photos of microcement outdoors out

How to check the substrate before microcement application? A smart tip to protect against concrete cracking [video]

See how to easily check the surface before applying microcement and protect against cracks in concrete using bonding bridge and fiberglass mesh.

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