Trends: Colours of the year 2023

Trends: Colours of the year 2023     Colour of the Year is the annual selection of the most fashionable colour, which is announced by various colour design and production companies such as Pantone, Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams and many others. This selection is often regarded as an indicator...

Microcement stairs Q&A with Tomek Grabarczyk [ video ]

In today's Q&A session, Tomek Grabarczyk answers the most frequently asked questions about microcement on stairs.

PU FEST Turbo matte varnish for microcement [ video ]

PU FEST Turbo varnish in matte optics is now available! On this occasion, we have prepared for you a video presenting this new product.

Microcement and floor dilatation joints

October 24, 2022

Floor dilatation on a microcement floor. What is dilatation? Why is it so important? Cutting expansion joints. Tips for contractors

Beat the heat: microcement application in summer – how to do it right? [video]

The application of microcement on hot days is a challenge. How to make a microcement in summer? Try the microcement retarder and work without stress!

Microcement wax, or how to quickly renew a microcement floor

Thanks to the microcement wax, the floor will regain its shine. Meet FF Wax, a new product for the maintenance of varnished floors.

2022 color trends

January 16, 2022

These 6 color trends are going to be everywhere in 2022. Click to read how to use the 2022 color trends in your home decor.

What do you know about priming? Priming for microcement

December 3, 2021

Priming the substrate for microcement may not seem like a big deal, but it is worth paying attention to several important aspects of this stage of microcement application work.

Is the microcement frost-resistant?

October 18, 2021

Is the microcement frost-resistant? Does it crack when exposed to low temperatures? Can microcement be applied on the balcony and terrace? Here comes the answer.

How to apply the ready-to-use FestfloorGo! microcement [video tutorial]

With FestfloorGo! The application of microcement has never been so easy. In today's video, we show you step by step how to apply it.

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