Microcement floor in a coffeehouse [photos]

Why is a microcement floor good for a shop, a bar or a café? Read the article and see photos from the last implementation. Microcement in a coffeehouse.

Ready-made microcement kits

February 19, 2019

Microcement kits with all the necessary materials for the application in walls and floors, exterior and interior. Buy just the right amount of products!

All about microcement – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

February 17, 2019

Is the microcement suitable for a caiman terrarium? How much does the m2 of microcement cost? Do you send abroad? Find out the answers now! Microcement FAQ

5 advantages of ready-to-use microcement: Festfloor GO!

January 14, 2019

Working with ready-to-use microcement saves you time and money. Get to know the 5 most important advantages of ready-to-use FESTFLOOR GO! microcement.

PU Fest 2K – advanced microcement sealer

December 12, 2018

The best sealers for microcement are polyurethane two-component sealers. Check our PU Fest 2K, our advanced microcement sealer.

Microcement floor photos. Meet our installers

Looking for microcement installers? Have a look on the photos from one of our installers' recent work - over 100m2 of microcement floor! Truly amazing.

Béton ciré floors, walls, ceiling, stairs and fireplace in one house!

Is it possible to apply béton ciré on the floor, on the walls, on the ceiling, on the stairs, on the fireplace and not overdo it? Yes! Here go some photos

Is béton ciré plaster waterproof? Can I use it in the bathroom?

October 22, 2018

Can any concrete decorative plaster be used in the bathroom? Check how to choose a safe product that will provide 100% waterproofness.

Scandinavian style from Denmark – microcement floor and walls [photos]

Scandinavians love microcement to such an extent that they are ready to use it in almost every room of their home. Microcement floors and walls are hygge!

Extreme microcement kitchen makeover – before and after

Microcement is perfect for all renovations. It's easy, cost-efficient, it can be used for walls, floors, countertops and so on. Check out our recent microcement kitchen makeover.