The home SPA of your dreams with Festfloor microcement. Color: FF2002 July Go Beige [photos]

Make your dreams come true with Festfloor! See how our client Mrs Agata created a comfy and ambient home SPA in her new bathroom.

Is the microcement frost-resistant?

October 18, 2021

Is the microcement frost-resistant? Does it crack when exposed to low temperatures? Can microcement be applied on the balcony and terrace? Here comes the answer.

How to apply the ready-to-use FestfloorGo! microcement [video tutorial]

With FestfloorGo! The application of microcement has never been so easy. In today's video, we show you step by step how to apply it.

Festfloor Life or Festfloor Go! – which product should I choose?

We provide the answer to one of the most frequent questions our customers ask: what to choose - Festfloor Life or ready-to-use Festfloor Go!

How to make a concrete table? – DIY with microcement [photos]

A concrete table looks very modern and stylish. See how you can do it yourself step by step using our microcement.

Black microcement stairs. Color: FF9011 [photos]

Microcement finished stairs are a hit! Today we present photos of the implementation of stairs covered with black microcement in a house near Warsaw.

Microcement floor in the aesthetic medicine clinic [photos]

Microcement instead of epoxy resin is a good solution for the floor in clinics, dental clinics and hospitals. See photos from this implementation.

Flooring terms you should know – a cheat sheet

Screed, anhydrite, self-leveling screed, polished concrete... is it all Greek to you? Don't worry, we've prepared a little cheat sheet that will make it easier for you to get along with the contractor.

Microcement business: how to get customers

We advise on how to get customers in the microcement industry. Business advice for microcement contractors. 9 proven tips.

Festfloor Life microcement color book is now on sale!

August 6, 2021

Festfloor Life microcement color book is now on sale! Check out real color samples and choose the color that best suits your project.

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