Smart bathroom makeover with microcement over tiles [before and after]

Microcement over tiles is an easy way to quickly refurbish an old bathroom without removing debris. Check out this microcement makeover made by one of our clients (DIY!). Before and after photos.

Microcement Festfloor at the Siberian Memorial Museum in Bialystok

We are pleased to announce that Festfloor microcement has been chosen as a decorative layer for the floor at the Siberian Memorial Museum in Bialystok! Check out the photos of 5000 m² of microcement floor and stairs.

DIY with Festfloor microcement is easy!

Festfloor customers love DIY! They renovate, finish and renew old furniture by themselves. See how they do it. Easy DIY with microcement.

Industrial living room with micro concrete floor (photos)

A micro concrete floor is the perfect solution for people who are looking for a smooth, seamless surface without joints. Industrial living room. Microcement

Pink microcement wall in an eclectic bathroom [photos]

Fashion is thinking dusty pink. And what about a pink microcement? See photos of a beautiful eclectic bathroom with pink microcement made by our UK client

Concrete and microcement table top and kitchen worktop

After concrete floors and walls, the time has come for concrete aand microcement table tops, kitchen islands and worktops. Check this out.

Concrete door – door  with hidden frame coated with microcement

Concrete finishes are extremely fashionable on floors, walls and even on the door. See the hidden door finished with Festfloor microcement.

A budget bathroom upgrade with microcement

See how quickly you can make a bathroom makeover using microcement. Bathroom renovation with microcement, microcement over tiles step by step, photos.

Mirocement floor in a modern barn house [photos]

In architecture fashion is changing. Now it's time for modern barn houses. Take a look to see how does mirocement floor fit in a modern barn house!

Microcement floor in a coffeehouse [photos]

February 24, 2019

Why is a microcement floor good for a shop, a bar or a café? Read the article and see photos from the last implementation. Microcement in a coffeehouse.