How to grind the Festfloor microcement? Check if you are doing it right

How to grind microcement? When to grind? What tools to use? Everything about grinding Festfloor microcement.

Garage converted into a restaurant with a microcement floor. Color GR4 [photos]

Today we have something special for automobile enthusiasts - a garage converted into a restaurant with new microcement floor from Festfloor. Check out the photos.

Microcement floor in a kitchen showroom [photos]

Today we present photos  of a microcement floor in a kitchen showroom in Lower Silesia, Poland. Precisely, in the Planto Kitchens showroom in Lubin. The project was carried out by Partner Pro,  one of our trusted contractors.

Wood and concrete. Microcement floor in the kitchen [video]

See how to joi combine wood and concrete. Video from the implementation of microcement flooring + wooden parquet in a single-family house.

Microcement in a restaurant. Color: GR3 [photos]

Although the majority of microcement projects are still flats or single-family houses, we observe a significant increase in the interest in microcement in service and gastronomic premises. Today we invite you to see the floor made of our microcement in  a restaurant in Katowice, one of Poland's biggest cities.

Pink microcement at the MOD Donuts cafe in Warsaw. Color: FL07 Bubblegum [video]

The microcement does not have to be gray! 🤯 The product is available in almost all colors of the rainbow 🌈. Watch our video to see how awesome it can look.

How to make an expansion joint in a microcement floor? [video tutorial]

Restoring the existing expansion joints is one of the last stages of microcement works. In this video we will show you how to cope with this uneasy task step by step.

Microcement Festfloor at the Siberian Memorial Museum in Bialystok. Colors: GR2, GR3

We are pleased to announce that Festfloor microcement has been chosen as a decorative layer for the floor at the Siberian Memorial Museum in Bialystok! Check out the photos of 5000 m² of microcement floor and stairs.

A budget bathroom upgrade with microcement. Color: FF7035 [before & after photos]

See how quickly you can make a bathroom makeover using microcement. Bathroom renovation with microcement, microcement over tiles step by step, photos.

Mirocement floor in a modern barn house. Color: FF9003 [photos]

In architecture fashion is changing. Now it's time for modern barn houses. Take a look to see how does mirocement floor fit in a modern barn house!

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