mikrocement bathroom

Microcement industrial bathroom ideas

Listopad 27, 2017

Microcement industrial bathroom ideas   While decorating an apartment or a house you probably have a general idea of how you want it to be decorated. Rustic, cozy country Provence style, minimalist Scandinavian or maybe raw industrial style? There are plenty of possibilities of designing living room, bedroom or...

Microcement application. Technical notes.

Listopad 25, 2017

Microcement application. Technical notes.   Microcement is a coating based on cement and liquid polymer that coats floors, walls, countertops, etc. Total microcement floor thickness is only about 2 mm, despite that it has very high abrasion resistance. It might be applied on cement grout, ceramic tiles, OSB boards,...

concrete floors

Concrete floors in private apartments

Listopad 25, 2017

Concrete floors in private apartments   Architectural concrete has developed into one of the most important means of design in modern architecture. Following contemporary trends, architects often choose natural materials such as stone, wood or metal and combine them with concrete enabling the creation of unique spaces. Concrete brings a breath...

microcement sealer

Microcement sealer

Sierpień 25, 2017

PU Siegel dr Schutz microcement sealer   Floors, walls and countertops covered with microcement are mostly used in representative locations (guest rooms, conference rooms) as well as places subject to heavy dirt (kitchen) or constant contact with water (bathrooms, swimming pools). Although microcement does not absorb water, we recommend...