Wood and concrete. Microcement floor in the kitchen


In the previous video, Borys  showed how he made a microcement floor in a kitchen open to the living room. Today is the time to present the end result of his work! The combination of a wooden parquet with a concrete microcement floor looks just great. Just look! (don’t forget to switch on subtitles – English and Spanish available, as always).


In this project following materials were used: Surface reinforcement set, Festfloor Life GR1, FESTPrimer, 3K Plus.


Wood and concrete on the floor – how to combine them?

Wood in the interior design is an offer for all those who appreciate high-quality natural materials and expect durability and resistance. It adds  coziness to the interior. Properly cared for, it will serve for many years as it can be renewed many times, which significantly extends its life. Decorative concrete, in turn, and its microcement variety in particular, is the perfect choice for lovers of modern elegance and minimalism. Microcement is increasingly replacing traditional tiles and begins to reign in kitchens opened to the living room. Why? Well, microcement has the most important advantages of tiles – is water resistance and easy to clean, but it has no disadvantages of tiles – it does not require joints and creates an elegant, uniform floor surface. The combination of microcement and wooden parquet also looks very aesthetic and does not ruin the harmony of the interior. There is only one connection line between two materials instead of several dozen, which visually enlarges the room. It is enough to fill the dilatation between the wood and the microcement with an expansion mass, which looks much better than, for example, aluminum joining strips.


Wood and concrete

Wood and concrete – the perfect combination. A combination of wooden parquet with microcement.


Wood and concrete in the bathroom

The combination of wooden panels with Festfloor Go! FF7035 in the bathroom. See more photos from this project.


Wood and concrete in the kitchen

Wood and concrete in the kitchen. Combination of dark wooden parquet with Festfloor Life GR1 color. See more photos from this project.


How else to combine wood with microcement?

Concrete and wood can be combined in different ways. You can refresh old wooden parquet and finish the walls with microcement. A wooden worktop in the kitchen will look good against a wall covered with microcement instead of tiles. On the other hand, wooden furniture looks amazing on a concrete floor.


microcement wall and wooden countertop

The wall between the cabinets is covered with Festwall microcement above the solid wood top. See more photos from this project


wood and microcement together

Festfloor Life microcement floor + modern wooden paneling. See more photos from this project.


wooden parquet and microcement wall in the kitchen

Old wooden parquet and microcement walls made of Festfloor Go! FF7035 in the kitchen of one of our UK customers.


wood and microcement wall in the bathroom

Wooden bathtub and concrete bathroom made of FestfloorGo! FF7044


wooden stairs and concrete floor

Wooden stairs and microcement floor Festfloor Go! FF7044 in the living room. See more photos from this project.