Renovation of an old English house – a microcement bathroom. Color GR2 [photos]


Amy, one of our English clients, and her husband bought an old house from the 1930s. They are gradually renovating and expanding it, reporting everything on Instagram. For the bathroom, they chose the Festwall Life microcement (GR2 color).

Amy’s bathroom is a sensation online, and her followers are asking a lot of questions about how she designed it and what materials she used. That’s why she decided to write more about how her bathroom was created:


Throwback to when the niche was free from Tim’s blue soap and bright green shower gel 😩😆
I thought I’d answer some en-suite FAQs:
* The walls are finished with Microcement from @festfloor
* I bought a DIY kit and measured it out but asked my builder to apply it for us
* You can add different colour pigment to the mix to make any colour you’d like
* I used GR2 but added less to the second coat as I wanted it slightly lighter
* I drew (can’t bring myself to say designed 😆) the niche, gave the builder the measurements and he built a stud frame for me. My dad built one for me in my previous house, so if you don’t mind a bit of DIY you could definitely do it.
I hope this helps. If there’s anything else, let me know and I’ll make a story highlight.
Have a good one ✌🏼


Make sure you follow Amy’s profile for more home renovation photos. The interiors are beautiful and refined in every detail.

In the bathroom, microcement is a subdued, discreet background for carefully selected accessories: golden wall lamps above the mirrors with a double-arm lampshade, inspired by the design of the 1920s, are timeless products that will stand the test of time (Spark and Bell). The lamps are perfectly matched by golden brushed taps – a faucet and a shower set from Lusstone. The white countertop washbasins were placed on a rustic suspended solid wood cabinet (Raw Furniture UK). Additionally, we have a vase with natural dried pampas grass, stylish apothecary soap containers and green plants.


Renovation of an old English house - a microcement bathroom


microcement with golden accessories


microcement bathroom with golden accessories


renovation with microcement


microcement with golden accessories