Pink microcement at the MOD Donuts cafe in Warsaw. Color: FL07 Bubblegum [ video ]


The microcement does not have to be gray! 🤯 The product is available in almost all colors of the rainbow 🌈. In the last weeks of summer, Borys made microcement floor and countertops in the beautiful pink color FL07 Bubblegum inspired by NCS 2040-R. For us, this color resembles raspberry ice cream with whipped cream! The association with desserts is right, because there is a MOD Donuts cafe in the restaurant, where you can eat delicious donuts with various fillings and toppings 🍩. In addition to unforgettable taste sensations, you will be able to admire the visually interesting interior design.

Address: MOD Donuts, ul. Paryska 39, Warsaw, Poland.

→ Watch the video with the final effect of the work in a finished and open cafe!


Don’t forget to switch on subtitles – English and Spanish available, as always.



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