Microcement floor in a kitchen showroom [photos]


Today we present photos  of a microcement floor in a kitchen showroom in Lower Silesia, Poland. Precisely, in the Planto Kitchens showroom in Lubin, Bema 11 C str. The project was carried out by  Partner Pro,  a flooring company and one of our trusted microcement contractors.


Microcement in a kitchen showroom

Planto Kitchens specializes in the highest quality kitchen furniture and cares about providing an above-average level of customer service. The floor in the company’s new showroom also had to be above average! 🙂 The owner of Planto Kitchens had already used Partner Pro flooring services and due to good cooperation, he didn’t hesitate in entrusting them with another flooring project.

The implementation in Lubin was carried out in July 2020, the Festfloor Life system was used with visible burns with a color similar to the NCS7000n shade. The whole floor was protected with  PU FEST 2K matt varnish with the addition of 3K Plus, which increases resistance to mechanical damage and extends the life of the varnish (it’s especially recommended in intensive pedestrian traffic zones and public spaces like shopping centers, museums, sports facilities, etc.).

The floor is impregnated and kept clean with Fest Cleaner and looks beautiful. Even though the showroom has been operating for over half a year and is visited by many customers every day, there are no signs of use on the floor.

The microcement fits perfectly with modern furniture, quartz sinter and wood – just see the photos below.


Grzegorz Bylicki (first from the right) and his team

More about the contractor: Partner Pro

Grzegorz Bylicki, the owner of Partner Pro, has been cooperating with investors, architects and designers in the construction sector for over 15 years. During this time, he advised and found the best system solutions for his clients when it comes to paints, resins and broadly understood flooring.

Five years ago, he decided to use his experience and his family’s team of professionals and set up his own flooring company. This is how Parter Pro was created.

The company operates very dynamically, carrying out projects in Lower Silesia and beyond. They make both small projects, such as private houses, and large investments of several thousand square meters. With the right equipment and well-coordinated people, they can perform even the most advanced project.

Partner Pro specializes primarily in the implementation of floors and other surfaces in the FESTFLOOR microcement systems. They also make resin floors and concrete systems: terrazzo and polished concretes. For several years they’ve been associated mainly with the Polish microcement manufacturer FESTFLOOR, with whom they closely cooperate. Relying on the technology and advice of FESTFLOOR, especially for large investments, they are able to meet almost all the expectations of investors in terms of color, finish and functional properties of the floor.