Concrete and microcement bedroom inspirations you will fall in love with


The bedroom is our refuge, it is here where we find peace amid the chaos we encounter in our everyday lives. This space should be harmonious, conducive to silence and calming down, so it is so important for the bedroom to be designed according to our needs, comfortable, yet pleasing to the eye and stylish.
We have written a lot about the use of architectural concrete in interior decoration. Designers are most likely to use it in bathrooms and in the most representative room, that is in the living room. The idea to use concrete also in the bedroom may seem too avant-garde, and the interior with the use of concrete cold and little cozy. We will try to prove that it is not. Let’s start with microcement bedroom.

Microcement wall

Microcement can be also used as wall cladding. Not only it is stylish and beautiful but also very practical – by applying it, we save lots of time and money as we don’t have to paint walls every few years or remove stubborn stains. The color does not fade, does not turn yellow, and any dirt comes off using water and gentle detergent. Microcement can be used on all walls, but when our bedroom is small, it is safer to use it on one wall, preferably the one on which the headboard of the bed will be placed.



microcement bedroom

One wall and bedside table covered with microcement, wooden parquet floor = perfect combination. Design by the Czech architectural studio B² Architecture.


Tasteful bedroom by the Romanian  Bogdan Ciocodeica Studio with microcement in the main role


Inspired by brutalitsm and industrial style, this bedroom was designed by Australian architect Matt Woods. The microcement wall harmonizes with the wooden floor and cabinets. “Customers were looking for a more minimalist lifestyle and create a space free of clutter and visual pollution,” says the designer.


Amazing bedroom designed with a microcement wall, wooden parquet floor and a stunning view of the countryside. House in Brasilia (Brazil) designed by studio 3.4 Arquitectura.


beton architektoniczny w sypialni - kolorowy mikrocement

By adding dye to the microcement mortar, we can get any color. Green calms down and the concrete lamp is extremely stylish.


Concrete wall panels

When deciding to use concrete in your bedroom you might consider choosing concrete panels designed to be adhered to walls of any new or retrofit construction project.
Panels are 1-2 cm thick and vary in size and porosity. The most interesting effect is obtained using the most porous panels resembling raw concrete.

 concrete panels in bedroom

Modern loft bedroom in which concrete panels are combined with a bleached board on the floor. The selection of fabric is in tune with the furniture arrangement and other features of the room – all is grey but with different texture – shaggy carpet, corduroy pillows and an upholstered headrest.


Another example of using concrete slabs in a loft interior.

A touch of color, i.e. a combination of gray walls and bedding with mint pillows, a burgundy headboard and gold-copper lamps. Fresh and modern.


Concrete in the bedroom: microcement floor, concrete floor

Microcement which is a very thin finishing decorative coating, works perfectly on the floor. Although it is only a few millimeters thick, it is very resistant and due to the lack of joints it is also easy to maintain.
Another microcement’s advantage is its high thermal conductivity when installed over underfloor heating. Say goodbye to cold floors in winter! Microcement floors can be of any color, but of course interior designers and architects grey is the king. For this we can finish the matt finish or high gloss depending on the sealer we use.
Just have a look at below inspirations of a microcement bedroom:


microcement bedroom

Simple and effortless minimal bedroom design. Microcement on the floor finished with semi-matt varnish. Cozy interior gives mainly fabrics – long and richly crinkled curtains and bedding – as well as wooden ceiling beams. Project implemented in Marseille by Beton Terrazzo company.


An interesting effect of using polished concrete on the floor and raw concrete plaster on the ceiling in combination with the whiteness of the walls. Thanks to this operation, the small bedroom has optically expanded and gained depth. The whole interior is maintained in subtle shades of gray and white, without unnecessary decorations and furniture. One hundred percent minimalism. A project by the Catalan duo Daniel Redolat and Marià Castelló realized on Formentera.



Concrete bedroom furniture

And if not concrete floor coverings and walls, then what? We can always start with furniture cast from architectural concrete or microcement. In the bedroom the biggest choice we have among the concrete night cabinets and lamps.

concrete night cabinet

Night cabinet from Etsy – top made of concrete + wooden legs, price approx. 180EUR


concrete night cabinet

Another minimalist nightstand from Etsy this time hanging which lends a visual lightness and grace to the whole furniture. Price approx. 160EUR


concrete lamp

Lamp with concrete base from BlowUpDesign. Price approx. 30 EUR.


concrete lamp

Geometrically shaped concrete lamp from US Restoration Hardware store. Price approx. 185USD.


Many stylish accessories for bedroom you can do yourself using our architectural concrete! It’s easy, just watch how to make a concrete planter (English subtitles available):


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