Why using microcement and concrete in the bathroom is a great idea


Architectural concrete seems to have been created for use in the bathroom. It will successfully replace the tiles, it is also much cheaper and easier to install than natural stone. You can choose from architectural concrete slabs, cast tops and washbasins, or claddings of walls and microcement floors, and more recently – concrete interior design accessories such as e.g. soaps dishes. We’re explaining why using microcement and concrete in the bathroom is such a good idea. Keep on reading.


Microcement bathroom

For some time on the microcement has been reigning in the interior design as the hottest bathroom trend. Among its advantages (in addition to its stylish appearance) we can mention durability, ease of application and cleanliness – there are no joints and the surface is smooth, so that no dirt and soap deposits are collected. What is more, the sealed microcement is completely waterproof, so it can be used in shower cabins and for finishing off line drains.

Here you can find most frequently asked questions about the microcement in the bathroom.


microcement bathroom

Walls made of microcement, linear drainage and floor with stones embedded in epoxy resin.


Wood and microcement creates a perfect combination. The wood warms up modern home decor.


Microcement and concrete in the bathroom. A bit of luxury.

Concrete perfectly fits in the glamor style. Just combine it with impressive crystal chandeliers and a high-gloss washbasin cabinet.


microcement glamour bathroom

Another lavish example of a microcement bathroom in glam style.


Concrete wall panels in your bathroom

A good idea for the use of architectural concrete is to use concrete panels. They can be installed in virtually any firm structure. Their installation is fast and simple and is available in countless shapes and colors.

microcement and concrete in the bathroom combined with wood

Infallible combination of concrete and wood in a small bathroom.


Bathroom accessories made of architectural concrete

There are plenty of stylish concrete accessories on the internet, such as the famous Lyon Wall Foil-shaped toilet paper holder / dispenser

concrete toilet paper holder

If you can not afford this designer accessory (it costs approx. € 129), you can also purchase original and aesthetic soap dispensers, soap plates or toothbrush cups from here.


concrete soap dispenser

concrete soap plate


Concrete washbasins

Sinks made of architectural concrete are an unusual alternative to traditional ceramic washbasins. You can choose among freestanding washbasins, on top washbasins, round, rectangular …. sky is the limit!


concrete washbasin


concrete washbasin



Microcement and concrete in the bathroom can be used in infinitely many ways. Thanks to our products from FESTFLOOR Life, FESTWALL and the archiFEST you can accomplish any, even the most extravagant idea. If you plan to use architectural concrete / microcement in your interior and you do not have installers who can make it done for you, we can recommend to you the professionals we work with. Don’t hesitate to contact us.