How to make a concrete floor? Decorative concrete on the floor [video tutorial]


Traditional, two-component microcement enjoys immense popularity among contractors, because it gives great opportunities for the creation of color and structures. In addition, its price is very attractive.

In the new video on our channel Borys from the Concrete Studio makes a concrete floor using Festfloor Life two-component microcement. The premises will serve as an office and are currently undergoing major renovation. A damaged terrazzo was on the floor – Borys prepared the surface using bonding bridge with a fiberglass mesh on it, followed by two layers of decorative concrete and sealer. Decorative concrete on the floor is a hit, thanks to it the interior immediately took on a more modern character.

Borys also used two products that will strengthen the sealer’s resistance to mechanical damage and dirt – watch the video and check what products they are! (English and Spanish subtitles available as always)


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