Festfloor Life microcement color book is now on sale!


microcement color book

Choosing the right color of microcement is a serious task. Will it match the walls / floors, how will it look under the given lighting, or will it not be too bright / too dark, too cool / too warm?

To meet the needs of customers and contractors, we have prepared a microcement color book from the Festfloor Life palette for sale. The stencil consists of 18 samples enclosed in an elegant hard cover folder.

Eighteen colors of Festfloor Life in one place!
– 6 shades of gray
– 3 shades of fashionable beige
– 2 earth colors
– 3 shades of pink
– 3 shades of blue / turquoise
– white

In addition: one larger plate (9×26 cm) – to be able to see the structure of the microcement and check how the color changes depending on the selected type of light. All samples are protected with PU FEST 2K matt varnish.

The stencil can be purchased in our online store. In addition, you can order a microcement test kit by entering the selected color in the comment, and make a sample in a larger format.


microcement color book


microcement color book


microcement color samples