DIY with Festfloor microcement is easy! Colors: GR3, GR6


beton cire DIY

Our client was delighted with our products and she didn’t hesitate to share it on Facebook.

Finding a hobby and keeping your hands busy will distract your mind from stressors. Studies have shown that doing a craft enhances relaxation while providing an outlet for artistic expression.

DIY – do it yourself, doing something instead of buying new, refurbishing old furniture  are becoming more and more popular. Thanks to them, you can rest after hours of sitting at desks and computers, do something yourself and be proud of it. Young people are increasingly treating DIY as a hobby, not necessarily as a duty.

We are also observing this trend. In addition to professional microcement contractors, a large group of Festfloor customers are individual DIY enthusiasts who take the challenge of finishing or renovating an apartment or house on their own.

They choose microcement because of the simplicity of the system, excellent price-quality ratio and professional customer service, who is always ready to answer all questions and support during installation.

One of these DIY fans is Mrs Aneta from Koszalin. She is not afraid of any work, and a float and a screwdriver are her favorite tools. In her new home, she opted for 170m2 floors using Fesfloor Life and covering several walls with Festwall to get the concrete look. She did all he work alone along with her husband and the result is truly impressive.

In addition, she refreshed the old Ikea table, covering it with microcement – the concrete-like countertop is perfect for the garden, because it is durable and resistant to adverse weather conditions, moisture and water.


DIY beton cire

An interesting combination of a microcement floor with a brick wall and renovated furniture from the 1960′.


do-it-yourself with microcement

Festfloor microcement floor in the living room with elements of industrial style.


do-it-yourself - arts and crafts

Mrs. Aneta decided on a concrete total look and covered with microcement all the walls in the bathroom and the floor.


microcement do it yourself

Microcement in the shower. A minimalistic walk-in cabin and rain shower hidden in the suspended ceiling.


microcement DIY project

The combination of raw microcement walls with a glamour style mirror.


microcement DIY

Second bathroom is also finished with microcement. Black fittings are still waiting for installation.


Microcement floor in the living room.

Microcement floor in the living room.


DIY microcement floor

Our client says: Another room with microcement from Festfloor. Vacuuming and washing this surface is fabulously easy. And bare feet love this satin finish! Cats too.


microcement DIY

Mrs Aneta continues: Bathing corner in the bedroom? Only with #festfloor 🙂 Floor – Festfloor in natural concrete, table – Festwall – in basalt. Thank you, best regards, we keep working.


microcement DIY table

Summer picnic in the garden – table covered with microcement.


Thank you for your trust, Mrs. Aneta! We are waiting for the completion of the work and photos of the final effect.