decorative concrete

A concrete pot made of archiFEST classic architectural concrete. The product is available in our store.

archiFEST – ready-to-use decorative concrete


Concrete in architecture has become popular for many reasons. Its durability withstands the test of time, provides protection against weather conditions, while producing a sense of security. At the same time, the appropriate execution and design of decorative or architectural concrete allows it to perfectly fit into public space or new buildings. Today’s architects are not afraid to use concrete to create innovative wonders of the architecture of tomorrow. Thanks to the ease of forming the concrete mix, the decorative concrete technology allows us to create unprecedented forms and shapes.


Change your place with archiFEST decorative concrete


With the help of decorative concrete, we can make up stylish and unique additions to the apartment. There are a lot of options – all you need is an idea, the right form and a good quality concrete mix. DIYers, DIY enthusiasts, and furniture and decoration designers love decorative concrete for its incredible versatility.

Despite the fact that concrete is the most popular construction material, its variant called architectural concrete or decorative concrete is one of the most difficult to design. The multitude of ingredients (often only available locally) and the difficulty in selecting and purchasing the right polymers and chemical additives make it virtually impossible to make good architectural concrete on a small scale.

ArchiFEST – ready-to-use architectural concrete comes with help. A properly designed composition with appropriate polymers and dedicated chemistry for concrete allows to obtain a noble and durable material that meets the expectations of architects and fans of modern industrial and minimalist interiors. The high filling capacity and high flowability of the mix allow you to make even compiled components without any problems. Such properties are in vain to be found in ordinary concrete available in construction materials stores.


decorative concrete

A concrete pot made of archiFEST smooth decorative concrete with black pigment. The product is available in our store.

ArchiFEST decorative concrete applications:

We have prepared for you two versions of archiFEST architectural concrete:

Classic – leaves an effect with visible pores
Smooth – leaves an effect with a smooth surface.

Both versions of concrete can be freely colored – just buy the appropriate pigment.

Detailed information is available in technical sheets.


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