Concrete floors in private apartments


Architectural concrete has developed into one of the most important means of design in modern architecture. Following contemporary trends, architects often choose natural materials such as stone, wood or metal and combine them with concrete enabling the creation of unique spaces.

microtopping houseConcrete brings a breath of freshness to your interior spaces. Unpretentious, relaxed and nonchalance it is a perfect answer to the challenges of contemporary design that value minimalism and simplicity. Perhaps you would like to use concrete in your home but you are not sure how? Here are some inspirations.


Dark side of concrete in the interior

Whether it is polished, or colored or just kept natural, concrete has a beauty that your home will love. Making concrete floors using microcement is an easy and innovative solution. Furniture, countertops or interior accessories can be made of microcement too. And what if you choose dark microcement floor? Dark colors are easy to maintain, so you do not see so much dirt as on bright concrete floors. The choice of colors is unlimited – we can choose from shades of gray, bronze, pomegranate or very popular dark violet.


Bright concrete floors

Your eyes cheat your brain – bright colors can enlarge the area to which they have been applied.

Concrete is inherently gray, however, using all the benefits of the FESTFLOOR Life Microcement we can to give it gorgeous new tones. By adding right quantities of pigments to the mass we are able to create a material that will brighten up and completely change the whole space.


Wood and concrete floors

There are endless design possibilities with modern materials nowadays. The amount of different technologies and types of raw materials can give you a headache. Experts and designers with the right knowledge can offer solutions for every budget, from very affordable to really expensive. And what if we go back to the roots? To combining wood with concrete – basic building materials. This perfect composition will always work together. Concrete flooring gives a unique, industrial style, and wood warms up the space. This combination means success!


Combine various materials with concrete

Combining natural materials is a noticeable trend in design and construction of homes. Especially kitchen is a place where we can play with lots of different materials such as steel (household appliances), concrete (floor), bricks (walls) and wood (countertops and furniture). Concrete in kitchen can create both cool and elegant space as well as warm and cozy – everything depends on interior accessories. You can use soft rugs or textiles, plants, atmospheric lighting. But remember – introduce just enough concrete to capture the industrial aesthetic of the moment, but not so much that your living space feels like a factory.


We prepared for you inspiration on how to use concrete and how to combine it with different materials in different rooms: bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or living room.