Concrete door – door  with hidden frame coated with microcement [photos]


Modern concrete door

Concrete-like finishes are extremely fashionable when it comes to floor or wall decor. Then, if we can have concrete wall, why can’t we have concrete door? Good quality microcement finished doors are usually made to order and are quite expensive. Doors covered with concrete paint are cheaper, but not very durable. We have to take into account spatter and scratches, which will inevitably appear during as we use them. You can also choose among doors with a veneer with a concrete pattern, but they are rather tacky and pretentious.


door  with hidden frame coated with microcement

Beautiful microcement door in a kitchen by Linvisible.


door  with hidden frame coated with microcement (photos)

Microcement door in a living room by Linvisible.


Festfloor microcement as a door cladding

One of our clients, Mrs. Kinga, is a huge fan of microcement, which is why she finished the whole house with microcement (floors, wall in the kitchen, ceiling in the bathroom, fireplace, stairs …). At the end she also asked the installers to cover one of the doors with microcement. They created  door with hidden frame forming a uniform surface with microcement wall.
A flush door is an innovative solution that allows you to creatively design the interior, fully adjust the arrangement of the apartment to our needs.  A flush door consists of skeleton or a hollow framework of rails and stiles, top and bottom rails, and narrow intermediate rails. It is covered on each side by a sheet of plywood. This door has a joint-less surface on both the sides.invisible. Such doors give unlimited possibilities to arrange the surface finish of the wing – using paint, wallpaper or decorative plaster

Microcement can be applied on the door similarly to other surfaces. At the beginning, door should be sanded gently in order to tarnish the surface and get better grip. Then it should be covered with a primer and  two layers of microcement should be applied. At the end, the surface is sanded and covered with microcement sealer. Microcement doors are not difficult to make, but they require a bit of precision and attention to detail. Special care should be taken when finishing corners and edges.
Such concrete-like doors are chic, durable, resistant to damage and easy to clean.


concrete door
microcement door
concrete door
microcement door