Béton ciré floors, walls, ceiling, stairs and fireplace in one house! [photos]


Nothing brings us more joy  than a message from a satisfied customer. Recently, we have been contacted by an investor who decided to apply our Béton ciré products on  walls, on the ceiling, on the stairs and in the fireplace. The investor shared with us photos from her newly refurbished house. We must admit that the effect is stunning. Special recognition and congratulations to the interior designer, the installers and the investor for such a courageous decision – to use the microcement to finish most surfaces in one house. We would like to thank you for the trust you have bestowed in us and for showing interest in our products. We are happy that we could help 🙂

“Good morning! In our house, your béton ciré  is everywhere: on all floors, on the wall in the kitchen, on the ceiling in the bathroom, on the stairs, even on the fireplace 🙂 It works great and in addition to that, our installers managed to make the most of its unique designs! Best regards!”


Béton ciré in the kitchen

microtopping kitchen wall

This kitchen looks like that interior design magazine covers 🙂 Economy of forms, simplicity, natural materials – it is achieving maximum effect with a minimum of resources. The investor decided on putting béton ciré on the wall near the cabinets (Festwall Life microcement decorative plaster was used) and on the microcement floor (Festfloor Life flooring set was used). The microcement on the wall is a beautiful background for large decorative lamps. In the spacious, open kitchen, we can afford to give up  upper cabinets and expose the wall. Thanks to this, the kitchen has a less “kitchen” character and fits nicely with the living room.


microtopping kitchen wall

Without upper cabinets, we gain more space on the countertop and better access to it. We can more conveniently prepare dishes without worrying about dirt, because microcement is protected with a special varnish that prevents the formation of stains.


Béton ciré instead of tiles in the bathroom + béton ciré ceiling

microtopping bathroom floor

We have always said that the microcement on the bathroom floor is the best option you can choose. The homogeneous surface without joints facilitates cleaning and is very hygienic. In addition to that, we do not have to worry about flooding neighbors, because the floor is fully waterproof.


microtopping shower

The béton ciré floor can  be successfully used in the case of shower trays and linear drains. In this bathroom, the contractors covered with micro-cement even a linear drain grate, which gave an even more uniform effect of concrete on the floor.


microtopping bathroom ceiling

The icing on the cake  in this bathroom was microcement ceiling. Festwall decorative plaster is suitable for use in wet rooms, because just like the microcement on the floor, is waterproof. There are many products on the market that imitate natural concrete. Concrete structural plaster, paint that gives the effect of concrete or concrete stucco – remember that when you choose a product for the bathroom, it must be 100% waterproof! Otherwise, you risk the fungus and leaks.


Béton ciré in the living room

microtopping floor - living room

The living room is the most representative room of the house and also the place where we spend most of the time, where children play, where we organize family meetings or parties. The floor in such a place should be not only visually impressive, but also durable, resistant to abrasion, scratches, impacts, claws of animals, falling toys, walking in high heels, walking in sandy shoes, stain resistant and waterproof. From this perspective, the choice of a concrete floor made of  éton ciré is perfectly reasonable. Our investor decided to use the microcement floor in the kitchen open to the living room and living room itself, thanks to which it obtained a uniform, coherent space without joints and dilatation. The floor is secured with varnish, which makes cleaning easier. It’s worth emphasizing that underfloor heating can be used underneath béton ciré – it’s extremely important for single-family houses. Many investors are wondering what concrete technology to choose – traditional polished concrete or microcement – reading this article should dispel all doubts.

And if béton ciréfloor is not enough, you can try to choose concrete furniture and accessories.

microtopping fireplace

An absolute hit in this interior is the fireplace covered with béton ciré♥. The dark gray fireplace cuts off against the white walls and the traditional poker and container for wood and ash add a bit of a rustic character. The surface of the fireplace is also protected with varnish, which makes it easy to remove soot.  Thanks to resinous additives béton ciré itself  is flexible, so we do not have to worry that it will crack due to temperature differences.


microtopping stairs

Stairs is the last element finished with microcement, which nicely encloses the entire concrete ground floor of a detached house.

Questions? Doubts? We will be happy to answer them all and help you to choose the right technology. Just contact us.