Why is it worth becoming a microcement contractor?


If you already have experience in construction or renovation and would like to broaden your offer with microcement – you couldn’t do better. Festfloor microcement is a contractor-friendly system that allows you to get interesting finishes and eget some good money. Read why it is worth becoming a microcement contractor with Festfloor.


microcement is a contractor friendly technology. Become microcement contractor

This floor was made in the Festfloor Life system.

1. Finishing material that fits into the latest trends

Microcement comes from southern Europe but it is gaining more and more  popularity across all Europe. This is due to the boom in the use of concrete in the interiors and the popularity of the Scandinavian and industrial styles, in which the microcement fits perfectly (see photos: Microcement floor in an industrial style living room and the apartment of one of our Danish clients).

We are observing a constant increase in interest in microcement in countries like UK, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany or The Netherlands. The market is growing, it is not yet saturated, such as the market for tiles or floorboards. In turn, we know from the contractors who cooperate with us that their calendars are full a few months ahead. In brief, microcement contractors are and will be in demand.



2. Low entry threshold and high margin for microcement contractors

If you already have experience in construction / house renovation you want to offer your clients new, more exclusive services, microcement is a good choice. The entry threshold is relatively low. Basic decent quality tools can be completed for around 2000 EUR. The price per square meter of microcement depends on many factors (e.g. surface, type of substrate, wall vs floor), but we can say that overall rates are very profitable for contractors. This is due to the high margin, which oscillates around 50%.



To become microcement contractor you can start with a practical training

Microcement training – practical part

3. System that is relatively easy to implement

As a producer of microcement, we want our system to be as simple and user-friendly as possible for both amateur-individual customers who want to put it at home and professional teams who work with microcement on a full-time basis. That is why you will not find ten layers of mortar, five layers of primer and three layers of varnish in our system. We have optimized it to 3 stages (primer, microcement, varnish), and for surface strenghtening layer we propose a safe bonding bridge with a fiberglass mesh instead of toxic epoxy resin. Thanks to our ready-to-use and convenient 10m2 microcement kits, you can easily calculate how much material you need. No more need for complicated Excel sheets. Are you going to make a 30m2 floor? Nothing simpler – you buy 3 sets of Festfloor Go!.

And all this would make your work efficiently and pleasantly, and the effect (including speed of implementation) pleased the customer.



4. Manufacturer who supports you

Microcement is our passion, and we offer contractors comprehensive technical support. We are available and we answer your questions on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsssup, we reply to emails quickly. You don’t have to worry about whether the salesperson has changed the company and will answer the phone. Will he call you back or you won’t have to talk about your problem for the fourth time. If you have any questions or problems, you’ll never be left alone.

In addition, we organize periodic trainings for microcement contractors, during which we provide specific information useful at the construction site. In addition to product presentations, we suggest how to start working as a microcement contractor, how to make each investment successful, how to talk to clients. In turn, during the practical part, you will have the opportunity to work with a trowel yourself, learn how to get different visual effects and how to prepare the ground. We train only with microcement and only you will hear about it with us. You won’t lose time on presentations about systems that you are not interested in.