About Festfloor


The company

FESTFLOOR was built on the initiative of two young Polish civil engineers who loved concrete and decided to share their passion by designing their own high-end microcement and architectural concrete product lines. In a short period of time FESTFLOOR achieved national and international presence – today it has its distributors in Spain, Belgium and Denmark. Its products are used in a wide range of projects, from residential to restaurants, hotels and public facilities.

The company also offers consulting services for projects of microcement floors and walls as well as industrial concrete floors for factories or warehouses. With personalized orders and a good client service FESTFLOOR is able to solve your doubts and advise you whenever  your project needs it.


Our values

We are a state-of-art microcement floors manufacturers. Our key strengths are wide offer of products, superior customer service, express shipping and finest quality at best price. Our values define the character of Festfloor. The values that guide our organization are:


We act with honesty, responsibility and respect towards our employees, partners, vendors and customers because we believe this is the only way to build a product we all can be proud of.


We have many years of experience of working in construction laboratories and scientific institutions. We create products of the highest durability and provide technologies that are easy to implement.


We are committed to sustainable development. We optimize the consumption of materials by offering you just the right, tailor made size of packaging in such a way to optimally use the raw materials needed for your project.


We put our hearts and minds into our work to produce green construction materials that will improve the world and benefit future generations.


Meet our team

Tomasz is the founder and president of FESTFLOOR. He graduated from Warsaw University of Technology with master’s degree in Civil Engineering where he specialized in construction materials design and concrete manufacturing technologies. Before setting up FESTFLOOR he gained his experience in leading Polish and international companies (including CEMEX). He was responsible for new products development and quality control. Privately he’s a science freak and Polish Football Association referee.



Wojciech is vice-president of FESTFLOOR. He graduated from Warsaw University of Technology with master’s degree in Civil Engineering. His specialty is construction design. He’s a member of Polish Chamber of Civil Engineers and PhD candidate at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geodesy at Military University of Technology.



Monika is responsible for communication and marketing. She also takes care of the Spanish market.  From time to time she helps friends as microcement installer 🙂 She loves Iberian and Latin-American culture, interior design and DIY.




Zuzanna is our graphic designer. She holds Master degree in Architecture and used to work as marketing specialist and graphic designer in construction companies. She’s author of awesome graphics and oil pictures. She adores cats.