Color trends in 2020 (microcement colors)


Tranquil dawn, First light, Chinese porcelain, Classic blue, Naval or maybe Adeline? These are the names of the most fashionable colors of 2020. Trend creators from the Pantone Color Institute, the largest paint and wallpaper manufacturers as well as the Etsy sales platform select and announce them every year. Among them we find both delicate pastels and strong, expressive colors. It is these colors that will reign on the walls (as paints, wallpapers and colored microcement), kitchen fronts, accessories and clothes. Here are the 7 most important color trends that we can expect this year.


1. Classic Blue (Pantone)

The Pantone Color Institute (Pantone Color Institute) is a global specialist in the field of colors. For over 20 years, they have been inviting representatives of teams dealing with color standardization from around the world who, after stormy discussions, choose color for the next year. The winning colors later reign on the catwalks, in design and interior design.

This year, color experts have chosen a shade that “brings the human soul into peace and quiet, offering shelter” in our fast, technology-filled world. A timeless and durable blue shade, Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue is elegant in its simplicity. It brings to mind the sky at dusk, calms you down and soothes you.


2. Naval (Sherwin-Williams)

In turn, the color of the year 2020 by Sherwin-Williams, a respected manufacturer of paints and varnishes, was the shade Naval SW 6244. It is a combination of dark navy blue and graphite gray. Strong, inspired by the art deco style and the amazing power of nature – from the infinite night sky to the mysterious depths of the sea.
Naval fits many styles. It can be used both in arrangements in an elegant New York style (it combines well with marble and gold), maritime (here it works in conjunction with natural materials: rattan, wicker, wood, leather, linen and neutral colors, e.g. off-white or sand beige), as well as modern or eclectic.


3. Chinese Porcelain (PPG)

The last shade of blue to be the trend in 2020 is Chinese Porcelain (PPG1160-6) created by PPG Paints (the largest paint manufacturer in the world). The name of the color refers to the traditional style of decorating ceramics in the Middle Kingdom with the use of cobalt-ink dye and is to ensure peace and quiet sleep, and the spirit of hope – a rare commodity in today’s turbulent world. According to experts from PPG, clients are done with grays and are looking for saturated colors that will delight the senses, and blue is the easiest possible entry point from the world of neutral colors to the world of colors.
Color Chinese porcelain is a rich and traditional shade that provides an ideal, pleasant background for vibrant colors or elegant white. The shade goes well with quilted velvet furniture, heavy curtains or with leather accents and dusty shades of sand that attract attention.


4. Tranquil Dawn (AkzoNobel)

AkzoNobel, the largest producer of paints and varnishes in Europe (owner of, among others, the Dulux brand) has chosen Tranquil Dawn as the color of the year 2020. This shade combines shades of gray, green and blue. Inspired by the colors of the calm, morning sky, it will give the interior an atmosphere of peace and coziness.

According to AkzoNobel, 2020, as the end of the decade, is also the beginning, the dawn of the new decade. In times of widespread digitization, the development of robotics and AI, people lack contact with nature. They need to stay indoors, which – thanks to the use of colors inspired by nature – are a peaceful haven that allows you to calm down, be yourself, catch balance and contemplate the future.

The Tranquil dawn color matches light wood floors and furniture, accessories made from natural materials such as leather and linen. It beautifully combines with silver, gold, copper, bottle green, rusty brown, cream beige or delicate gray.


5. Adeline  (Graham & Brown)

Known primarily from beautiful wallpapers, the British company Graham & Brown announced dark green Adeline as the color of 2020. Green is a timeless color that refers to nature and vegetation, which is often lacking in our surroundings. Adeline is to refer to rural English gardens and extraordinary interiors created by the avant-garde group Bloomsbury, centered around the writer Adeline Virginia Woolf and her sister, Vanessa Bell. According to the manufacturer, thanks to the introduction of Adeline color into the rooms, you can get the impression of the transfer of nature from outside to inside.

The shade resembles the mature green of the leaves perfectly harmonizes with another color hit – Neo Mint. What colors is best to combine it with the interiors? Like dark navy blue, bottle green can be combined with metallic accents, e.g. gold or copper, and delicate pastels – powder pink, blurred blue, ivory white or faded yellow.


6. First Light (Benjamin Moore)

Pink remains the color trend in 2020. After the hype for millennial pink, the time has come for First Light 2102-70, a color created by paint manufacturer Benjamina Moore’a. The versatile shade, referred to as the “cheerful pink shade”, was chosen to “reflect the atmosphere of positivity” after entering the new decade. This delicate, airy pink shade is a refreshing alternative to other warm neutral colors, such as cream or beige. Therefore, Benjamin Moore presents First Light as a new neutral shade that is subtle enough to be used as a base for the interior.


7. Chartreuse (Etsy) 

Start the new year vigorously by choosing the color of the year by Etsy: Chartreuse. This vibrant shade somewhere between green and yellow owes its name to the French partier liqueur on wine distillate and extracts from 130 different herbs. According to Etsy, chartreuse is a bold color that “increases energy levels, encourages unconventional thinking and evokes feelings of development and harmony.” Analyzing customer purchases, Etsy also notes the growing popularity of fluorescent colors, which reflects the broader trend of the 80s neon shades that are now returning in the fashion world. There has been a 55% increase in neon green searches over the past three months. If you want to liven up your space, think about introducing chartreuse interior decoration elements. They can be individual accessories such as pillows, lamps, armchairs, which will blend beautifully with shades of gray or deep navy blue.


Microcement colors

If you dream about the juicy colors of walls or floors and you want a durable jointless surface, you can use microcement. You can choose from a traditional two-component microcement from the Festfloor Life line, to which you buy the dye separately and dispense it yourself to obtain the desired color or ready to use, pre-colored Festfloor Go! Microcement, which can be ordered in any shade from the RAL and NCS palette.

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We always recommend to make a sample of 2-3 shades before starting work. This is the easiest way to check how the selected shade will look on a particular wall or floor. When choosing a color, we should be guided not only by the nature of the interior and our own preferences, but also we should pay attention to the lighting conditions that will affect their perception.

If your project requires an individual approach and selection of colors, please contact us and we will  help your.


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